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Restaurant „Oxygen“

For you and your family, group of friends, business partners or simply adrenaline lovers, we’ve also provided the perfect ambience for a break with a drink or lunch. Oxygen is a restaurant with a beautiful view of the city and carefully selected gastronomical offer. We are here to win over your senses with our meals behind which stand our chefs, flavour, texture and smell which we’ve created thinking of you, and which represent our welcome to you.

From a variety of offers, which is constantly being supplemented, we can extract:

  • a rich selection of Bosnian traditional dishes,
  • a large selection of pizzas and sandwiches,
  • a varied selection of national and international specialties,
  • salad-bar with a selection of fresh salads, blanched vegetables, and pickled vegetables with a variety of dressings,
  • fruit bar with a selection of freshly squeezed juices,
  • cake shop with a rich offer of cakes and ice cream,
  • a selection of modern bistro dishes from our a la carte offer,
  • weekly national cuisine and various thematic events, weekend healthy bar by Fress,
  • special offers.

Enjoy the ambience dominated by natural materials and carefully chosen details that give your eyes a rest and contribute to a relaxing atmosphere.

New - Dry Aged Beef!

Dry aging is a traditional way of preparing meat, which gives an intense, unique and irresistible taste of beef. This is the process in which seasoned meat with Himalayan salt matures and takes a lot of effort, time and knowledge to get the juiciest steak that we're going to serve you in our restaurant in Sunnyland. The longer the meat stays in specialised refrigerators, the more it becomes softer, tastier and with more intense flavours.

Specially prepared steak for our special guests. We are waiting for you!