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Playroom Magic Forest is located within the amusement park Sunnyland and offers unforgettable fun and games for the little ones. It’s equipped with the latest and most secure props adapted for children up to 12 years of age.

Playroom Magic Forest possesses:

- - a play area with a variety of props (the area for the youngest ones includes a ball pool, a small slide, large lego blocks and other props and toys adapted for children up to three years of age, and large slide, mazes, trampolines and electric cars for children over three years of age),

- game room (basketball, football, hockey,…),

- fun room that can be used as kid’s disco (specially equipped for music and dance and features the most modern sound equipment, disco-ball, light effects and dance floor); movie theatre or amphitheater,

- a birthday party space (specially equipped and decorated for entertainment, where every child has a chance to celebrate their special day),

- kid’s café (Cake shop which, in addition to the interior space, has a garden with a beautiful view of Sarajevo. While children play in the playroom, parents have the opportunity to relax in a pleasant, non-smoking ambience of the cake shop and try something out of the rich offer of hot and cold drinks, cakes and other desserts).

Playroom staff – animators:

- kind and professionally trained, with pedagogical education,

- imaginative and creative in organizing games, various activities and unforgettable birthday celebrations.

Playroom Magic Forest with its rich offer and accompanying facilities offers the whole family nicely spent quality time that is indispensable and of great importance for a healthy family that has the greatest impact on the quality development of the child’s personality.

We have also provided an outdoor playground for children which is ideal on sunny days, located in a natural setting, with fresh air and thick shade of pine trees. Outdoor playground, which is located near the cafe Noova, was opened with the aim of children spending more time in the mountain air and being active throughout the day. We put safety, health and fun for children first. Playground is intended for children over four years of age and contains numerous adrenalin elements that are not easy to solve. Within outdoor playground, you can buy popcorn, ice cream or refresh with numerous drinks.



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